A self-righteous, wannabe writer navigates overnight viral fame as she deals with her douchey boss, a deranged work rival, various crushes, a BFF who refuses to grow up, and her disapproving family.

PROBLEMATIC, set in contemporary Brooklyn, is a comedic meditation on media culture, success, and righteousness; this series holds up a satirical mirror to the currents that make and break us as a society.

A comic by Shebani Rao of an Indian person listening to music, holds onto the bar on the New York subway while doomscrolling
Artwork by Shebani Rao

Meet Twinkle, the main character of the series PROBLEMATIC. Inspired and comparable to RAMY, OFFICE SPACE and ENLIGHTENED, PROBLEMATIC is a funny, ironic, and hopeful take on the ways the search for meaning can go awry.

From rage to riches, how far will Twinkle Reddy go?

PROBLEMATIC was realized as a short-form 6-episode series in partnership with BRIC TV and is currently in post-production.

Please reach out to problematicseries@gmail.com if you’d like to get in touch and see other materials.

About the team

Aditi Natasha Kini [co-creator] (they/she) is a writer who, like PROBLEMATIC’s protagonist, got her “big break” writing hot takes as a freelancer-with-no-benefits. Her cultural criticism, opinion essays and creative nonfiction have appeared in the New York Times, Bitch Magazine, and elsewhere. She has appeared on radio and TV. She most recently produced filmmaker Nemo Allen’s EL BASTÓN (DOCNYC, SXSW), a short documentary on the indigenous struggle in Colombia. An MFA candidate at UC San Diego, she is at work on her book THE KILLING OF A TIGER and a historical dramedy-thriller THE JUDGMENT OF THE BRITS. She is a finalist and alternate awardee for the 2021-23 Jerome Artist Fellowship in Literature. aditikini.com

by Aisha Mirza

Pranav Behari [co-creator] is a writer, stand up comedian, and co-host of the podcast MANGO BAE. A club favorite around NYC and a festival favorite around the country, Pranav was recently featured in the ROGUE ISLAND COMEDY FESTIVAL and a headliner at the MILWAUKEE COMEDY FESTIVAL, alongside veteran performers like Colin Quinn and Gina Yashere. MANGO BAE is a raucous South Asian comedy show which goes way off the rails as it discusses issues affecting the South Asian diaspora and immigrants in general. Rambunctious, irreverent, and incisive, Mango Bae is by desis, but for everyone! @pranahaha

Devyn Inez Fusaro [co-creator] (she/her) is a producer, actress, and writer working in scripted and documentary film and television. Most recently, she co-produced the documentary, Phoenix Rising for HBO. Her other work can be found on Showtime and Hulu. In addition to storytelling, she is passionate about civic engagement, social and climate justice, and spiritual practice. Throughout her endeavors, she seeks to reimagine and reshape our world. devyninezfusaro.com